Temporary Closure Markers

Effectively Warn Pilots of Closed Runways and Taxiways

NAC’s temporary closure markers  are designed to comply with FAA Advisory Circular No: 150/5370-2G,   Advisory Circular No: 150/5340-1M, and Advisory Circular No: 150/5390-2C performance requirements for use during airport construction projects.  NAC has manufactured airfield closure markers for over 23 years and are constructed of heavy vinyl-windscreen material with fused overlapping centers allowing for easy and fast placement.  The rolled-rim brass grommets are hemmed along the marker boarder to anchor or sandbag in place.  The FAA requires temporarily closed runways and new runways not yet open to aircraft to use a yellow X on each end of the runway, a yellow X marker is used at the entrance to the closed taxiway from the runway, and a yellow X is placed over the “H” for a heliport is closures.  An optional back boarder can be added making the markers very visible to pilots.  Because of the material design, these markers can withstand a 25 mph surface wind with out any anchors (anchors or sandbags is recommend) unlike less costly and cheaper “tarp” material markers that constantly move with any gust of wind.
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