C-130 ACFT Rear Ramp Removal Platform Lift Trailer

A “ Made In America” precision platform that aids the removal of aircraft rear ramps for inspection and maintenance.


Why Choose NAC’s ARRP?

  • Product Specifications
  • Simple operation allows set up in seconds
  • Low-profile, folding design reduces space requirements
  • Wireless remote control offers greater visibility during lifts
  • Four swivel casters deliver greater maneuverability
  • Superior design meets the requirements of the United States Air Force
  • Industry-leading, one-year full warranty
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • 24/7 technical support

Product Specifications:

  • 2000 lb lift capacity
  • 24V-DC power pack with 110V-AC onboard charger
  • 48 hours of operation on one battery charge
  • Slow rate of rise, 1 inch per second
  • Transportation speed up to 10 mph
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C-130 ACFT Rear Ramp Removal Platform Lift Trailer (ARRRP) Cargo Door Component Removal Cart with Automatic Lift & Remote Operational Controller

1) Specifically Designed for the removal of the rear ramp door on the C-130 (Hercules).
2) Massive Time reduction when removing /refitting ramp compared to the conventional crane and sling method.
3) Allows ramp removal with out removing the tail maintenance platforms.
4) Interfaces with the aircraft either on or off the maintenance jacks.
5) Floating support frame, pivoting cradles and pitch and adjustments enables trolley positioning without imposing loads onto the aircraft skin or door structure.
6) Soft profiles protect aircraft skin.
7) All wheels fully costarring for maximum maneuverability and with directional locks and brakes for maximum safety when loading and unloading trolley.
Class Code: 92.5
Gross Weight: 4200 lbs.
128 in. x 80 in. x 40 in. Wood Transport Skid NSN 1730-00-491-0357, FSC 1730 – Aircraft Ground Servicing Equipment, NIIN 004910357, INC 11186