Airport Barricades

Protect Safety Areas with NAC’s Airport Low-Profile Barricades

NAC’s barricades are designed to comply with FAA Advisory Circular No:150/5370-2G performance requirements for use during airport construction projects.  NAC has manufactured airfield safety barricades for over 23 years and are priced among the most competitive in the industry.  Designed by an airport manager, NAC’s low-profile barricades (available in 6ft & 8ft) are currently utilized by several civilian and military airfield operators worldwide.  The FAA requires placing barricades and a taxiway X closure marker at the entrance to the closed taxiway from the runway.  NAC’s barricades are jet blast tested and due to their patented aerodynamic design, the convex shape of the barricade allows the wind to flow over the top surface keeping the barrier grounded and in place.  Increase the visibility of your closed safety area by alternating barricade color, orange and white, with either one or three safety lights and one or two safety flags. These barricades, when stacked, are stabilized due to the two(2) guide posts which allow for easy shipping and storage.   NAC’s new mini Dragon Tooth® is a portable barrier used on closed airfields, access gates, or as a vehicle traffic-helipad sign post.

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